The Hotel also provide half a day or full day excursions to near by tourist attractions to such as Whale/Dolphin watching, 17th Century Dutch Fort in Galle City and many more.
Sunbeam Beach Resort - Attractions

Whale Watching

"Whales' presence is a gift we want to share, not an attraction to be exploited " Keeping that motto in our mind always, our effort is to make sure the tour of our whale watching guests " a dream tour ". We are ready to shower you with hospitality along in the tour. So you don't have to worry about what you pay. We are sure you will get what it really values.



The " Best reason " to find yourself in Sunbeam Beach Resort, Mirissa should be nothing else but a PERFCET Beach holiday! With the golden sandy beach along with the soft sea breeze, it's a wiser option to enjoy swimming . Luckily Sunbeam Beach Resort is located just next to beach, so while on the beach you don't want to worry about going back to your hotel wasting your time. And of course being at Sunbeam Beach Resort will not miss your chance to enjoy a night swim away from the crowds but the romantic moon light and sweet breeze.



We, at Sunbeam Beach Resort is always ready to make your stay a "Lifetime Experience" If you want to enjoy the waves we advice to try some Surfing at the beach just foot steps beyond our hotel.We will provide you what it needs. But don't forget to keep in your mind, "Once you surf it’s all about the next wave you’re going to catch, because you always want more,just like a drug."


Every guests arriving Sunbeam Beach Resort, do not want to leave empty hands unless they are done with some Sri Lankan Shopping.Go your way along to Matara, where you could find some trendy clothing stores(Such as SparK >> ) that blends the foreign taste along with the Ceylon touch. We are sure you will be able to grab some goods that values your coins.


Are you tired of the concrete buildings, noisy vehicles, busy markets around you? Then we are ready give you the Perfect Solution. Grab a cycle away from us and enjoy the beautiful village in Mirissa aside from the beach. Green paddy fields, Dancing peacocks, Little water lakes... It got everything that boasts a Pleasant village. Don't worry about the roads and maps. We are here to help you!


A tour to Sinharaja Rain Forest. 

  Have you ever experience that mind soothing feeling at a Rain forest ? Now you can experience it with us. This majestic rain forest, Sinharaja , was deemed an International Man and Biosphere Reserve in 1978 and deservedly designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1989. Sinharaja offers a huge diversity of species both flora and fauna with a large proportion of those being indigenous to the country and some more specifically endemic to Sinharaja itself. Don't miss your chance to visit this world recognized habitat.We are ready to get you there.

A tour to Yala National Park. (Meet the Wild Life)

  Reserve one of your precious days for a precious task. Living with the Wild Life is never a waste of time.Plan a day with us to "Yala" and see why it's Sri Lanka's "one of the best" Eco tourism destination Experience the thrill of a real adventure.
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